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The concept of "phyles" originated from a sci-fi book by Neal Stephenson called The Diamond Age. Neal Stephenson envisioned a world in which humans would associate in groups based on shared values. 

Doug Casey’s Phyle is a place for the true out of favor minority - Free thinking, clear thinking, productive people who value freedom and volunteerism. 

As Doug says, 

“What’s really important is your character—that you think rationally and critically and that you follow the two great laws: 

1. Do all that you say you’re going to do 


2.  Don’t encroach upon other people or their property. 

I choose to associate with people based on those things, not accidents of birth.”

If you’re one of us, you probably know what it feels like to be an alien amongst your family and local community.  You know what it feels like to be gaslight by the 'powers that be' and you know the value of connecting with like minds. 

The COVID hysteria is waning, but the threats to our livelihood and freedom are only accelerating.  There has never been a more important time to connect with like-minded people who value the same things you do. 

A Full Feature Private Social Network

For more than a year, we’ve used telegram chat to connect with one another. It’s not perfect, but it’s allowed many of us to make connections, share information, build real life friendships, and engage in voluntary transactions with one another.

While telegram has been good to us, it’s time for an upgrade. And after long deliberation we decided to build our community around the MightyNetworks platform. Of course, no platform is perfect. But MightyNetworks offers a large suite of communication tools that’ll enable the phyle to move to the next level.

A Full Feature Private Social Network

- Paywall protects members from spam and bots and encourages high quality discourse. 

- More personalized account profiles to help connect other phyle members to each other based off of interests and location. 

- A full featured private social network giving us vastly better communication and connection tools. 

- And for those of you that love the firehose of information, there's still a free for all chat feature.   

Membership Options

People want access to a phyle for various reasons. Some just want to be able to be part of the community.  Connect, discuss, and share ideas. Our core membership accomplishes that for $7/month.

If you’re looking for how Doug is investing as we enter the “Greater Depression” including timely access to some of the specific trades Doug makes, check out the Pro membership for $50/month

And, if you’re a super fan with money to burn looking to get closer to Doug and Matt and benefit from our rolodex, become a VIP member for $997/year 

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