James Kunstler and The Long Emergency

In today’s episode, we’re joined by author and Renaissance Man, James Howard Kunstler. James has long anticipated the current societal disorder which he calls “The Long Emergency”.

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Kunstler’s Books discussed in this episode:

World Made by Hand
Living in the Long Emergency

Episode Chapters:

00:00​ Intro to James
4:41​ Society is fragile
8:30​ Foxfire
10:21​ Transportation & food supply chains
13:44​ Destruction of middle class
18:15​ Extinction
23:13​ Renaissance man - painting
27:31​ Momentum
30:09​ Criminals
37:14​ Great Reset
45:35​ The people around you
50:01​ racial strife
54:40​ vacuum for new leadership
1:01:40​ business opportunities
1:03:30​ skills

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