Ron Paul and the Future of Personal Liberty

Today we're joined by the man who has done more to spread the message of peace and personal liberty than anyone else in my lifetime, Ron Paul.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00​ Intro
1:31​ Personal Liberty in the era of lockdown
5:58​ The nature of the problem is philosophic
7:46​ How congress has changed
8:51​ Emboldened socialists
13:45​ What about Rand Paul?
19:46​ Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians
21:19​ Who the Libertarian Party should be listening to…
21:47​ What motivated Ron to run for congress
24:54​ Trump
29:06​ Message and Messenger
33:57​ Trust in institutions
35:54​ Will there be civil war?
42:00​ Bolsheviks are in charge
47:40​ Ron Paul on Bitcoin and Crypto
52:41​ What should Americans do to prepare?